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Art, Community and 

Movement as Medicine

nourish yourself

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Qoya combines yoga, dance and feminine movement. It is based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild, and free.  A beautiful practice to support you in getting out of your head and into your body. 

Bliss & Gratitude, Sacred Celebration, Despacho

Elation Custom Celebrations

Co-create your own custom celebration. A unique way for women to celebrate the transitions and milestones along life's journey.  Each event is tailored to your interests and is designed to help you connect with yourself and your guests in a deep and meaningful way. 


Circles & Retreats

In this modern society, we find ourselves craving more relatedness and ways to cultivate an authentic and meaningful life. Slow down and step outside the whirlwind of daily life to truly nourish yourself.  


Overwhelmed by the pace of life?

Trapped in a momentum tunnel, living for the weekend?

Over-giving has left you empty?

A desire for something different but aren’t even sure what that would look like?

Void of an identity since becoming a mother?

An aspect of your life must be shed/healed before you can move forward?

Isolated and lonely despite having 500+ friends on social media?


Rekindle the love affair with yourself.

Receive the support and connection you deserve.

Discover the magic that is accessible in daily life.

Befriend your body and its cycles.

Slow down and honor life’s transitions:

 education, marriage, parenting, career, etc.

Welcome to Coventina Healing Arts

Each month we:

 explore ONE THEME designed to help you 

remember your essence

reconnect to your intuition

rediscover the woman behind the wife/mother/entrepreneur/employee/caregiver

Each month we:

 offer TWO EVENTS for you to explore and embody the theme. Each event takes you on a journey of self-discovery with the support and connection of community.

Monthly Offerings

Hi There!

Dana Whiddon, Coventina Healing Arts

I'm Dana, and I created Coventina Healing Arts after finding Qoya, a movement practice and lifestyle dedicated to helping women remember their essence as wise, wild, and free. I have made a commitment to shift from simply going through the motions in life, work, motherhood, and relationships to living a lifestyle of reverence. 

Living with reverence starts with slowing down, caring for and honoring yourself, honing your ability to listen to your intuition, being embodied, and honoring the cycles of your feminine body. 

I am calling in a community of women to join me.

Women who want to stop playing it small, women who are ready to wake up and step more fully into their lives, women who desire to share their gifts with the planet- whether that be through starting a new business, shifting the way you raise your children, or simply by slowing down to enjoy each day a little bit more. ​

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