about us


Coventina Healing Arts is founded on the following beliefs:

Women are sacred
Women need one another
We honor the cycles of life: body, moon, seasons, & zodiac
Ceremony and ritual enrich daily life

What makes Coventina Healing Arts different:

No competition- A rising tide lifts all ships
Deep connections that go beyond small talk
All emotions are welcome- learn to move them through, learn from them

about dana whiddon

Dana Whiddon is a mother, wife, artist, therapist, hiker and novice gardener.

She believes in the healing power of community. Dana knows that art, movement and meditation are powerful forms of medicine. She is passionate about creating sacred space where these modalities can be practiced.

Motherhood rocked her world. When her first  son was 2.5 years old she knew she needed a timeout. She loved her family and had a fulfilling career working for herself and yet something was missing. It wasn’t fully lighting her up. She longed to reconnect with herself and integrate all that had transpired since she made the transition from maiden to mother.

Finding Qoya forever altered the course of Dana's life. It truly helped her to remember her essence and inspired her to live and lead from a soul-centered place. And while life isn't all rainbows and butterflies, Dana can say with certainty that she experiences an unrelenting sense of gratitude for all the abundance in her life. She is now in full alignment with her sacred work and is dedicated to helping women and teens find this bliss for themselves.​

Dana would be incredibly honored to have you join the Coventina Healing Arts community.


"Dana, you truly helped me heal in ways I didn't know could be healed.... or, at least, at this point in time. Life is magical and YOU exude that magic. Thank you for being a vessel of light and love. From Qoya to Cacao Ceremony to gently guiding my heart towards it already knows, I am better for meeting you. I genuinely cherish that class/experience. Thank you."



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