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Because you want to share a meaningful experience

Elation Custom Celebrations are a unique way to celebrate the transitions and milestones along life's journey. Each celebration is tailored to your interests and are designed to help you connect with yourself and your guests in a deep and meaningful way. 

Our celebrations offer an alternative to gathering in a loud bar, restaurant or party center. Every activity, ornament, and garnish is consciously chosen to promote healing, encourage reflection, and invite you into the present moment. Our events are designed to engage all the senses; even upon entering you know that something very special is about to take place.

At Elation we espouse the idea that life is a dance. We know that when women gather magic happens. We understand the importance in cultivating a lifestyle of presence through finding the sacred in the mundane and know that to do so requires slowing down and aligning with our bodies.

So much more than a party, these events are about creating a place for nourishment and connection. A place for sharing your stories and for writing new ones. A place to increase your capacities to be seen and to receive pleasure. An invitation to reclaim your power and your joy.

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rites of passage



Make space to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the work of birthing. Practice connecting with your intuition and open to your instinctive abilities, which will guide you as you step into the role of mother.



For too long women have been taught to see their cycle as a burden, but it wasn't always this way. When we acknowledge, honor, and integrate the change of life cycles, there is a reclamation that occurs. This is vital to healing the collective.



Celebrate your union in an intimate atmosphere of love and acceptance. Connect deeply with yourself and your guests as you prepare to step into partnership with your beloved. Align with your heart and set intentions to guide your way forward.

life transitions



Even if your separation is amicable, there is a real sense of loss that accompanies endings. There can also be a renewed sense of possibility. Acknowledge whatever you're feeling and glean the wisdom that is available at this time.

Graduation/Career Change


You did it! Years of hard work are now behind you and you're ready to embark upon a new phase of life. Make time to celebrate and be celebrated for your accomplishments. A very important but often overlooked step on the path.

Post Illness


Are you on the other side of a long or debilitating illness and feeling a renewed sense of gratitude and zest for life? Despite the joy, are there darker feelings that require attention? We specialize in creating events that honor all aspects of life's journey.

Empty Nest


It is normal to experience a range of feelings- from excitement- to grief- to loss of identity- when your children leave home. Make time and space to reflect and to set intentions for this new phase of life. Who will you become?



Our society has forgotten how to grieve, a fact that has lasting repercussions. Honor your loved one. Rather than moving on and pretending it doesn't exist, allow yourself to feel your grief, rage, etc.



Inspired by the idea that, "Wherever you go, there you are." Consciously choose to leave behind what you no longer want/need and seek out new ways of being in the world so that this transition can have the maximum positive impact.



Sacred celebrations, Coventina Healing Arts, bliss and gratitude

Birthdays offer an excellent opportunity to review and note what you're ready to leave behind, while setting new intentions for the year ahead. Gather your besties and celebrate YOU! 

Mom's Day Out


Craving some time with other women, fellow moms who get the importance of carving out some kid-free time? Create lasting memories and deepen your connection while engaging in self-care.

Holiday Party


Are you a small business looking to honor your employees with a unique and meaningful experience? We've got you covered! Book an event everyone is sure to rave about.

planning your celebration

Getting Started

I will meet with you, either in person or via Skype, for approximately 30 minutes. During this initial meeting, we will discuss your reason for celebrating, expectations for the event, and your feelings about the rite of passage, life transition or occasion you will be celebrating. I will also want to get a sense of your spiritual practices and/or religious beliefs. It is important that I have a clear picture of your overall state of being so that we can co-create a celebration that truly meets your needs. Each occasion is unique and designed in alignment with your beliefs and wishes.

Who to Invite

One of the primary goals of any event we offer is to create a safe and nurturing environment for all in attendance. We find that an intimate circle of women works best- typically between 5-16. You will want to invite women who, though they might have differing beliefs and spiritual practices, will be able to witness, support and celebrate one another. 

Activities: Rituals, Ceremonies, Etc.

You can choose to include any of the below activities, as time permits, or suggest your own! Themes and prompts will be chosen to complement your specific needs.

  • Gratitude Ceremony
  • Cacao Ceremony for heart opening
  • Qoya Class
  • Creative Expression- drawing/painting/crafting
  • Journaling
  • Fire Ceremony for releasing unwanted/outdated thoughts, feelings, habits
  • Weaving a web
  • Crowning/headpieces
  • Affirmations/prayer flags
  • Meditation- silent, music, or guided


Your event can be held at CREATE Community in Cold Spring, NY or a place of your choosing. A travel fee may be added.


Want to add food to your event? No problem, we can help arrange catering. If you choose to have your event at CREATE Community, there is a full kitchen including: fridge, stove with oven, coffee pot, tea kettle, & microwave.

Element of Surprise

To host an Elation celebration is to receive a special gift- an experience that has more impact on us when we don't know what lies within the beautiful package. While I will gather input from you, the specifics should really come as somewhat of a surprise.

package details


Host your event at CREATE Community in Cold Spring, NY or in a place of your choosing. Travel fee may be applied.

This Special Service Includes

A 30 minute planning meeting to discuss your vision for the event.

4 hours of rituals and activities planned and led by Dana Whiddon of Elation. 

Decorations and supplies for all activities.

Coffee, tea and light refreshments.

Total Investment

Create a unique, transformative, and unforgettable occasion for $99 per guest. (Does not include outside venue rental.)

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"The music and event evoked emotion and successfully opened the hearts of those who participated. All feedback was positive.

Dana successfully created a sacred event that captured the essence of who I am. This was an empowering experience that I am happy and grateful to have shared with my spirit tribe.

A truly blissful and magical experience."