Coventina Healing Arts

Women's Circles


Each month we explore ONE THEME designed to help you:

  • remember your essence
  • reconnect to your intuition
  • rediscover the woman behind the wife/mother/entrepreneur/employee/caregiver

Each month there are TWO OPPORTUNITIES to dive into the theme:

  • Qoya Movement on the Second Sunday and 
  • Women's Circle on the Fourth Friday

Each event takes you on a journey of self-discovery with the support and connection of community.

The invitation is to show up as you are. Rather than focusing on the right thing to say, participants are encouraged to practice saying the true thing.

My intention is to create a safe container for women to connect deeply with themselves and others- to share, bear witness, and receive support (not advice!)

All are welcome. If you’re curious, if this offering tugs at your heart, please come…. Even if it feels a little weird, or you don’t know anyone, or you don’t know what to expect, or you have a rocky history with women. I can almost guarantee there will be a part of the gathering that resonates and changes you for the better.

Join Our Circle

02/22: Self-Love w/Cacao Ceremony


03/22: Root to Rise


04/26: Express, Don't Repress

registration coming soon

Dana has such a warm, welcoming energy and healing presence. She creates a safe space for women to connect with themselves and others... ~Sharon