mother blessings

An Intimate Gathering of the Women in Your Life

Mother Blessing, Coventina Healing Arts, Blessingway

A Mother Blessing is a celebration that uses ceremony and ritual to help a woman to prepare mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the work of birthing. It aids in uniting her with her intuition and opening her to her instinctive abilities, which will guide her as she steps into the role of mother. 

Adorn ~ Pamper ~ Honor

Mother Blessing, Coventina Healing Arts, Blessingway

Receive loving attention from your guests. Choose from a variety of activities- or suggest your own!

Personalize Your Event

Dana Whiddon, Mother Blessing, Blessingway, Coventina Healing Arts

Each ceremony is unique and designed in alignment with your beliefs and wishes.

Regarding Mother Blessings, Please Note:

The ceremonies offered at Coventina Healing Arts draw upon the rich traditions of many cultures. Though initially inspired by the earth-based ways of Native American culture, these celebrations are in no way meant to represent or reenact sacred Native American Blessingway ceremonies. Out of honor and respect, we have changed the name to Mother Blessings to further differentiate this contemporary practice from the traditional ceremonies.

planning your mother blessing

Getting Started

I will meet with the mother-to-be for approximately one hour. During this initial meeting, we will discuss your pregnancy, expectations for the upcoming birth, and your feelings about becoming a mother. I will also want to get a sense of your spiritual practices and/or religious beliefs. It is important that I have a clear picture of your overall state of being so that we can co-create a ceremony that truly meets your needs. Each ceremony is unique and designed in alignment with your beliefs and wishes.

Who to Invite

One of the primary goals of a Mother Blessing is to create a safe and nurturing environment for the mother-to-be by forming a strong and intimate circle of women. You will only want to invite those women who you feel will be able to support you on your chosen path. You can invite anywhere from 2-12 women to join your celebration.

Rituals: Adorning/Pampering/Honoring

  • Labor Candles
  • Meditation- silent, music, or guided
  • Fear Release- fire ceremony or worry jar
  • *Belly Casting
  • Letters to the baby
  • Crowning/Wreath/Headpiece
  • Massage
  • Foot bath
  • Hair Brushing/Braiding/Beading
  • *Mehndi Art- Henna
  • Bindis
  • Affirmations- poster/flag/blessing basket/blessing box
  • Blessings
  • Weaving a Web
  • Laying-On-Of-Hands
  • Movement-yoga/dance

Rituals marked with an * require additional fee.

Gift Ideas

Gifts at a Mother Blessing are generally low in monetary value and high in meaning and sentimentality. Below are some ideas you may wish to request from your guests. 

  • Bead- each guests brings one and we string them together into a necklace or bracelet.
  • Birth Pouch-each guests contributes an item to this pouch you can have with you at the birth
  • Mobile- for the new addition, this can be made ahead of time or during the celebration
  • Nursing Box- a box of fun activities for the older sibling while mom nurses
  • Super Big Brother/Sister Cape- honors the sibling in his/her new role
  • Postpartum Support- freezer meals, errands, cleaning, holding baby so mother can shower


Mother Blessings are generally potluck. You can create a menu and request specific items from each guests or ask that they bring their favorite nourishing dish.

Element of Surprise

To receive a Mother Blessing is to receive a special gift- an experience that has more impact on us when we don't know what lies within the beautiful package. While I will gather input from you, the specifics should really come as somewhat of a surprise.


A Mother Blessing is different from a baby shower, in essence, because it offers the chance for women to come together and share in a sacred time of reflection, support, and celebration that is focused on nurturing and supporting the mother-to-be.

package details


This special event lasts approximately 3 hours.

Host guests in your home or CREATE Community in Cold Spring, NY

This Sacred Service Includes:

A one hour planning meeting with the mother-to-be beforehand to discuss your vision for the ceremony.

Lovingly crafted paper invitations or E-vites.

Rituals and activities planned and led by Coventina Healing Arts.

Coventina Healing Arts will coordinate with guests regarding their participation in specific rituals.

Coventina Healing Arts can organize the food and refreshments.

Total Investment:

Prepare for your initiation to motherhood for $333


Photography- local photographer, price TBD

Belly Casting- We'll schedule a time (at least 1 week prior to ceremony) for you to come in to cast: $45

Mehdi Art- henna painting: $30

Individual Therapeutic Art Sessions designed to release fears, express emotions, and clear your channel for a beautiful birth and transition to motherhood: Special Rate $75/session

schedule a free consultation

I found Dana through a random online search and immediately felt a connection to her after speaking to her about the idea of planning my mother blessing. I met with Dana to talk about my expectations and fears prior, so she could coordinate the most special, customized mother blessing for me. I was right around 35 weeks pregnant and was looking for a way to bond with the closest women in my life and open them up to my more spiritual side. I was nervous to see how some of the women would respond to some aspects of the ceremony, but I was so moved to see each and every person get so involved and open up so deeply to the emotional exercises. We all ended the day with a sense of peaceful energy and an even deeper sisterly bond. 

I feel more spiritually and emotionally prepared for motherhood and I can't wait to be able to use the mementos from the ceremony to bring me good energy on the day of the birth. If you're expecting and you are looking for a way to bring together the closest women in your life for some encouragement, blessings and some old-fashioned sisterhood bonding, I highly recommend considering Dana for a mother blessing.